Diagnostic in sports – potential role of the diagnostic center in Montenegro?

It is virtually impossible for a country to be competitive in any sport discipline today without a diagnostics centre. A case of Australia is telling. The Government established the Australian Institute for Sport- AIS  after the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal where Austrial won no golden medals (one silver and four bronze medals). Some 25 years later, they won 25 medals. So what is the potential role of the diagnostic center in Montenegro?

Competitiveness of professional athletes

The Serbian Republic Institute for Sport  is a good regional example of an institution that provides medical insights necessary for sports development in the country. Along these lines, in Montenegro the center would focus on:

  • Medical specialists for sports development could support coaches in developing training plans for the athletes
  • Medical specialists would monitor the implementation of the plans and provide inputs for any adjustments in order to ensure well being of the athlete

Sports in education (grassroots sports)

Importance of Pre-participation tests is vital in order to determine:

  • Possibility and level to participate in PE
  • Risks from participation in high-intensity or specific-demanding sports
  • Meet a legal SM requirements  to enable participation in local, national and international competitions
DAS- leading regional academy for grassroots sports

Montenegro’s educational system includes sports development but there are a number of issues that range from professional development of teachers/trainers to equipment and curricula. The diagnostics center would provide an expert advice on design of the curricula, capacity building of the teachers and sport experts, research in sports and children development that could feed back into the program development.

New jobs in the times of crises

The establishment of the centre would create new jobs and connect various actors in the athletic ‘supply’ chain that at the moment remain separated.  These include opportunities for corrective gymnastics, sports counseling, anti-doping initiatives, continued learning and specialization in sports, and sport related fields.



2 thoughts on “Diagnostic in sports – potential role of the diagnostic center in Montenegro?”

  1. Hey, very good example especially for Montenegro. Isak Adizes has presented very similar vision of development of Montenegro recently on Economic Faculty at Podgorica. Financial and health services should be the basic branches of Montenegrin economy. I’m looking forward to read your new blog. Well done and go ahead.

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