A Successful University Story

In one of the recent posts, along with Mr. Sekulić and myself wrote briefly about the Students Sports Association of Montenegro. Although, hit by overall economic crises, SSAM is tackling all obstacles supported by extended network of volunteers and incredible enthusiasm on one hand and innovative approach in attracting large percent of student’s population.

Just, couple days ago SSAM completed long University championship in football (US soccer) where 18 teams (around 18players per team) competed for National University Trophy. At this point I will not talk about the winners and losers of the competition. Here it is important to point on success of a certain individuals (SSAM representatives) to bring sport to the student’s population.


Freely to say, SSAM reached maximum when we talk about men sports. In years to come, SSAM strategy will be oriented to attract large percent of females through noncompetitive sporting activities with focus on high school and student’s population.

SSAM believes that enabling participation in sports activities will benefit in the overall development of students population preparing them from challenges after studying period.

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