University tennis is in Montenegro

Event finally started! With “Opening Ceremony” and team parade walk, it’s ready.


Mr Adam Roczek, EUSA President in his welcome letter stated following:

“Success of the event depends on you – the participants, and the work and devotion of the Organising Committees and local Authorities which together with EUSA representatives and delegates make the Championship an unforgettable experience.”

Public authorities from municipality of Bar with Mr Zarko Pavicevic, Mayor of Bar along with tennis club “Bar”, clearly understood message from Mr. Roczek by preparing an outstanding conditions for begging of European University Championship in tennis. Fully commitment and reliability made our job lot easier.

Director of the Directorate for Youth and Sport in Montenegro, Mr. Igor Vusurovic, fully supports event and gave an incentive to nominate more of students-athletes events seeing a great opportunity as  start of development of dual career system in Montenegro and strengthening Montenegrin economy with combination of sport-youth and sustainable tourism.


President of the SSAM, Mr. Boris Sekulic stated that all participants will experience an event characteristic by high level sport, international exchange and a lovely atmosphere. As a young member of EUSA and as a country we will do everything to make top-level organization and you to have nice memories from this competition.

Technical commission in charge for draw (SCAC), gathered all teams representatives, today at 7pm for a draw process. It was noted that never before, was so many players present.

SCAC (Supervision Control and Arbitration Committee) members:

  1. Ceslovas Garbaliauskas, SCAC Chair and EUSA EC Member
  2. Daniel Studer, EUSA Technical Delegate
  3. Jelena Asanovic, Referee Delegate
  4. Marko Begovic, EUC OC Representative
  5. Sekulic Boris, NUSA Representative


As a home team and EUSA rules, Montenegrin team is set as seeding leader in both categories (women and men). Sadly, only ten women teams arrived on the competition and thirteen men. In the women draw, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics from Russian Federation and University of Paris Dauphine from France are seeded in remaining two pools. On another side, there are 4 pools with University Joseph Fourier of Grenoble from France, Adam Mickiewicz University from Poland and again Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics from Russian Federation, are remaining pool leaders.

Playing time and after tennis activities

In next two days we are going to see a lot of tennis for early morning (7-9am practice time) up to 9pm when is planned based on daily schedule to finish all the matches.

On another matter, athletes and team members are able to meet interesting sightseeing at municipality of Bar along with cultural and educational program with modern and traditional Montenegrin music and art.


Finally, regarding players and team member representatives, we are paying great deal of attention on raising awareness on fight against doping by sharing promo material and talking with participants about harmful effects of usage of illegal substances for enhancement

From sustainable perspective, this is an opportunity for NTO Montenegro, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Directorate for Youth and Sport and Montenegrin Olympic Committee to join their activities in order to enhance touristic and economic development of Montenegro.

Ps. Special thanks to people behind the scene: Mr. Sasa Djurkovic, Mr. Boris Brnovic, Ms. Milena Milacic, Ms. Bisa Radulovic, Mr. Vlado Jokanovic and Mr. Ivan Besic.




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