Regional cooperation in sports / yes we can

Couple days ago, ministers and directors responsible for sports from Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia signed a Charter on regional cooperation in the field of university sports, during Regional ministerial conference. This is not the first initiative from region, but bearing in mind that initiative is regarding sport for all (university sports), this gives a momentum for prosperity. Obviously, region has a long way to go, especially when is sport seen only through the prism of professional sport and a results oriented philosophy. Media from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, devoted significant amount of space/time for this initiative. Initially, IBSL Basketball along with VTB Group supported (technically and financially) start of Regional university league in Basketball. For 2014-15 is planned to involve several other sports (volleyball, futsal and handball).

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Montenegrin Olympic Movement and social media

Sport is seen as a vital part of Montenegrin indentity. Purpose of this paper is to examine use or position of social media within the Montenegrin Olympic Movement. The Montenegrin Olympic Committee is, by Law on Sport and by perception of general population, considered the main sport actor in Montenegro, gathering all National Sport Federations as constituents of the MOC. The role of the MOC is to promote Olympic values and to prepare through four year strategy teams/individuals to represent Montenegro during competition based on IOC programme. The question is how Montenegrin Olympic Movement utilizes social media for enabling conditions for the sport to be an activity of public interest? In the Montenegrin Law on Sport, sport is defined as an activity of public interest. Montenegrin Olympic Committee is recognized, as the key implementing organization for activities of public interest through sport. Promotion of Olympic values through OVEP, high performance development and athlete’s preparation for Olympic Games, sport for development, talent identification development, ant doping, good governance system, are considered as core activities of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee.[1]


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Development of social media

As a kind of technological revolution, new media represents a way of transmitting information/culture as a computer based method of communication.[1] Internet is the first media tool that meets consumer needs representing combination of traditional media tools (TV and newspaper).[2] Rakita divided main characteristics of internet as global, interactive, uncensored, multipurpose and dynamic media tool.[3] Social media is a group of internet applications founded on ideological and technological basis of Web 2.0 enabling two-way user exchange.[4] Web 2.0 technologies are based on application types into these five categories: blogs, social networks, content communities, forums and bulletin boards, and content aggregators.[5]


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