Startegy “Medicine and Sport”

Way of life created in conjunction sport, culture and education, Olympism affect the harmony of body, will and mind”

The Olympic Movement, in accomplishing its mission, should encourage all stakeholders to take measures to ensure that sport is practiced without danger to the health of the athletes and with respect for fair play and sports ethics. To that end, it encourages those measures necessary to protect the health of participants and to minimize the risks of physical injury and psychological harm. It also encourages measures that will protect athletes in their relationships with physicians and other health care providers.

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Strategija “Medicina i Sport”

„Način života nastao u spoju sporta, kulture i obrazovanja, Olimpizam utiče na harmoniju tijela, volje i uma“

Olimpijski pokret, u ostvarivanju svoje misije, poziva sve zainteresovane strane da preduzmu mjere da obezbede da sport se praktikuje bez opasnosti po zdravlje sportista, a sa poštovanje fer pleja i sportskog etike. U tom cilju, on podstiče one mjere neophodne za zaštitu zdravlja učesnika i da se smanji rizik od povreda, i psihološke posljedice. Ona takođe podstiče mjere kojima će se zaštititi sportiste u njihovim odnosi sa lekarima i drugim pružaocima zdravstvenih.



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Sport for all strategy

“Sport is part of every man and every woman’s heritage and its absence can never be compensated for”Pierre de Coubertin

Based on the definition of Olympism, Olympic Charter has a clear educational role in order to promote healthy lifestyle and enabling participation into sport for all. Olympism is seen as a way of lifestyle, that beside educational component, includes and ethical one as a reflection of universal values. Participating in sport is a human right and all individuals must be able to participate devoid of any discrimination and all in the spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, fair play, solidarity, etc. Continue reading Sport for all strategy