Sport for all strategy

“Sport is part of every man and every woman’s heritage and its absence can never be compensated for”Pierre de Coubertin

Based on the definition of Olympism, Olympic Charter has a clear educational role in order to promote healthy lifestyle and enabling participation into sport for all. Olympism is seen as a way of lifestyle, that beside educational component, includes and ethical one as a reflection of universal values. Participating in sport is a human right and all individuals must be able to participate devoid of any discrimination and all in the spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, fair play, solidarity, etc.

IOC Mission is promotion and development of sport for all.


During UN General Assembly is recognized through Resolution 58/5 (2003), positive values of sport and physical education announcing 2005 as a International Year for Sport and Physical Education.Image

Based on European Sport for All Charter and Recommendation REC (2003)6, Council of Europe defined following:

Everyone has rights to participate in sports,

  • accessible to everybody
  • available for children and young people in particular
  • healthy and safe, fair and tolerant, building on high ethical values
  • capable of fostering personal self-fulfillment at all levels
  • respectful of the environment
  • protective of human dignity
  • against any kind of exploitation of those engaged in sport
  • Necessity to enable minimum of 180minutes of Physical Educational for school population



Lisbon Treaty and White Paper on Sport are fundamental documents focusing on societal role of sports:

“Sport has a strong potential to contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and new jobs through its positive effects on social inclusion, education and training, and public health. It helps limit the rise in social security and health expenditure by improving the health and productivity of the population and by ensuring a higher quality of life through old age. It contributes to social cohesion by breaking down social barriers, and it improves the employability of the population through its impact on education and training.”

National Legislation 

Based on Law on Sports in Montenegro sport is based on following principles:

  • Voluntarism, partnership, skills, professionalism and scientific knowledge,
  • Participating in sport must be humane, free, voluntary, healthy, safe, fair, tolerant and ethically acceptable.

Article 4, Law on Sport states:

“Sport is available to everyone, regardless of age, physical ability, disability, gender, race, language, religion, nationality, social origin, political affiliation, financial status and other personal characteristics.”

Government of Montenegro adopted National program for development of sport which is based on educational and availability components:

“The strategic goals for the Montenegrin sport system, is the effort to educate through sport youth population (starting from pre-school age) qualified and ready to  actively participate and contributes to wider process of integration of Montenegro.”

“It is recognized necessity to develop  Sport for All movement, which will allow physical and sporting activities for all citizens, regardless of age, gender or ability”

ImageCommission Sport for All

Recognizing all the above mentioned, Commission Sport for All within MOC, recommended following:

Sport should be an integral part of cultural, educational, social and health development programs.

Sport for All should be seen as a platform for promotion of Olympic values and building bridges in the region.

To increase opportunities for all to be physically active.

To provide all important information regarding benefits of regular physical activity.

To promote healthy life styles.

To work on initiative to provide 180minutes of Physical Education into school system.

To intensive fight against manipulation of youth and athletes.

To provide a platform for dialogue among various stakeholders (State, Private and NGO) about importance of enabling conditions for all to participate into regular sporting activities.

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