Startegy “Medicine and Sport”

Way of life created in conjunction sport, culture and education, Olympism affect the harmony of body, will and mind”

The Olympic Movement, in accomplishing its mission, should encourage all stakeholders to take measures to ensure that sport is practiced without danger to the health of the athletes and with respect for fair play and sports ethics. To that end, it encourages those measures necessary to protect the health of participants and to minimize the risks of physical injury and psychological harm. It also encourages measures that will protect athletes in their relationships with physicians and other health care providers.

Based on Olympic Movement Medical Code, athletes should enjoy the same fundamental rights as all patients in their relationships with physicians and health care providers, in particular, respect for:

  • their human dignity;
  • their physical and mental integrity
  • the protection of their health and safety;
  • their self-determination; and
  • their privacy and confidentiality.

In the section “Confidentiality and Privacy” of the Medical Code is stated following:

  • All information about an athlete’s health status, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, rehabilitation measures and all other personal information should be kept confidential, even after the death of the athlete and all applicable legislation should be respected.

Committee of Ministers within Council of Europe in the Recommendation No. R(92)13 regarding European Sport Charter stressed importance of regular physical activity. Recommendation No. R(95)17 adopted by Committee of Minister within Council of Europe in 1995 is noted that physical activity significantly contributes to the overall vitality of the Pan-EU population:

  • Sport has an important societal role and this role could be accomplished through intensify public awareness campaign pointing importance of regular physical activity and promotion of health benefits.

Council of Europe adopted in the 1970. Resolution No. (70)7 regarding Medical aspects of sports stressing especially the following:

  • Based on decision by legal guardians, coaches or doctor in charge, for youth population engaged in competitive sports must be provided an opportunity for medical examination whenever. Along with medical checks, it is necessary to keep clear register.
  • Public authorities should provide conditions for the medical examination-

In the same Resolution, in the section “Experts and Centers for sports medicine” it is acknowledged following:

  • Medical science should be consult when public authorities are planning and executing the tasks of encouraging citizens to be physically active. In the field of sports medicine, there is a growing need for specially trained personnel (qualified experts). Public authorities should consider the possibility of establishing an Institute for Sport.

Montenegrin legal framework fitted medical aspects of sports. In the article 7, para 4 is noted:

“Providing of necessary conditions for athletes, amateurs and overall citizens is in the function of prevention of non communicable diseases, especially among youth population.”

By National Plan for Sport, a strategic document adopted by the Government of Montenegro, medical and health prevention is submitted by the bylaw to the Law on Sports in order to improve medical and overall health protection of the athletes and overall population.

Commission Medicine and Sport

Sport system and physically activity, in the long term, could serve as a significant financial savings in terms of treatment of the various non communicable diseases.

Bearing in mind international framework and national legislation, Montenegrin Olympic Committee Commission “Medicine and Sport” is playing a key role in the overall Montenegrin Sport Movement and supported by the Olympic Charter clearly defined the role and the mission:

  • To support measures for health protection of the athletes.
  • To support sustainable development and promotion of the “clean” sports.
  • To lead fight against doping.

The role is based on the following 3 principles:

  • Health protection of the athletes.
  • Respect for medical and sport ethics.
  • Equal opportunities for all competitors.

Fully acknowledging current situation within Montenegrin Sport Movement (absence of the Institute for Sport) and increasing presence of banned substances on illegal market, Commission Medicine and Sport is dedicated to intensify raising awareness activities along with education system to promote ethical values that sport promotes with special focus on the youth population as vulnerable one to this issue:

  • Healthy lifestyle should be part of formal and non formal education tool focusing not only the youth population but also sport administrators (and coaches) and parents.
  • Synchronize activities with the public authorities in order to provide constant monitoring of the sport facilities
  • Enable education and the specialization of the experts in the field of sport medicine.
  • Intensify cross border and regional cooperation in order to share and discuss current obstacles
  • Involve public sector and NGOs to promote clean and healthy sport.


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