A good story with no ending vol. 1

SSAM is continuing with sustainable projects. In 2014 SSAM with the MOC implemented sport and environment 2yr project supported by the IOC with local partners and sports movement on board:


Sport and Environment Commission within MOC adopted a Strategy in order to set up a necessary base to prevent or minimize any kind of attempt of ruining the environment when it’s about sports needs. Through commission and members of Montenegrin NOC, the long-term impact will relay on:

  • Strengthening institutional structures within NOC of Montenegro (Executive board and working commsion).
  • Intensify the cooperation with the relevant state bodies (Directorate for Youth and Sports, Ministry of education, Ministry of economy /sector for energy efficiency/, Ministry for sustainable development and tourism, Local governemnts, Public institute for sport facilities);
  • Intensify international cooperation with a particular accent on the Balkan countries (UN /UNEP, UNDP/ FAKT, EU /IPA and ERASMUS+/);
  • Promote programs and activities which will contribute to the development of energy efficiency and rational use of potentials at their disposal;
  • Stimulatean effective exchange of information both on local and national level (sports organizations – national associations – MOC with the representatives of local and state institutions);


Assessment of Environmental Sustainability of Sporting Venues

  • Sport centre Moraca – Podgorica – finished
  • Sport centre Topolica – Bar – finished
  • Swimming pool Niksa Bucin – Kotor finished

Result 2

Public Awareness Campaign

Distribution of promo materials

  • Covered all regions (North, Central and South).
  • Covered majority of Montenegrin municipalities (Bijelo Polje, Andrijevica, Berane, Mojkovac, Kolasin, Podgorica, Niksic, Danilovgrad, Budva, Herceg Novi, Kotor, Tivat, Ulcinj).
  • Covered 54 National Federation in Montenegro registered within Directorate for Youth and Sports.
  • Covered total of 12,000 athletes.
  • Covered 550 sports organization registered within Directorate for Youth and Sports.
  • Covered all sporting venues with promo material.
  • 43 elementary and highschool were visited by top athletes engaged in the project with promo material and specific presentation regarding Sport and Environment.

Result 3
Organization of sporting events by LNT principles

  • During October, we have organized Students Championship of Montenegro in Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Cross country and Street ball University open. Before official start of Championships we have organized lectures based on LNT principles and after competition we have cleaned the sporting venue. Some completion (Cross Country and Street Ball) were held in nature (parks) so we managed to clean wider outdoor space.
  • At all activities were presents representative of NF sport included with goal to learn LNT principles and later to implement those principles as positive example how sporting activities in nature should be organized.
  • During every LNT lectures were presents representatives of local NGO-s and their respective volunteers.



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