A good story with no ending vol. 2

As mentioned in the previous one, SSAM is one of the sports organizations with continual engaging into new partnerships in order to promote sustainability within sport projects.


Not long ago, SSAM implement as many of participants stated a great event.  President of the FISU noted:

“You are all here in Bar today to attend or participate in the 2014 9th World University Karate Championship…As university events, these World University Championships aim at the highest technical level and excellence, which are basic requirements in university. “

This event is in line with WKF rules and regulation, which gives a needed sense for media journalist from region and the Montenegro to actively engage during this event.

During this event, organizers welcomed more than 300 competitors from the 38 countries worldwide and more than 100 officials.

Public authorities from the municipality of Bar and the Directorate for Youth and Sports, supported technically (and financially) event and stay strongly all activities nominated by the SSAM. Established partnerships with public authorities, SSAM representatives followed with formed long term partnerships with private sector: Lustica Bay Montenegro, Niksicko Pivo and  Sport Vision.

In time of the complex economic situation, nonprofit sporting activities are only possible if you have both private and public sector on board, and this event is a clear example how event should be organized. 

ps. special thanks to the OC staff and volunteers


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