Coe sport conference

The Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS) organized with the technical support from  the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sports (DDPS) conference of Ministers responsible for Sport, in Macolin/Magglingen, Switzerland.

Corruption in the governance of sport, Pan-European co-operation in the field of sport and signing the Convention on the manipulation of sports competitions, were main topics discuss within conference.

On behalf of the Montenegrin government, Directorate for Youth and Sports took part at the conference. Ministers/directors of the Coe member states along with representatives from the IOC and WADA, Coe, EU Commission and respective experts were invited to discussed on the above mentioned topics.

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From the conference in Belgrade-Serbia, Montenegrin representatives were heavily involved through EPAS, finalizing with signing the Coe Convention on the manipulation of sport competitions. The issue of the manipulation in sports, is not an individual problem (of certain athletes), it is seen more as problem of particular society. In this respect, further international co-operation is needed especial between state stakeholders.


Topics discussed during conference are of great significance for the future of the sport. Question of the autonomy is directly related to the corruption within sport movement, especially in the high performance sports. Check and balance, transparency and accountability are consider as core Good Governance (GG) Principles are vital to preserve values that sport represents and sports movement need to compline with them fully.

State authorities are called to promote and further work with the sport movement at local level using GG in order to prevent possible corruption and misuse within sport system. Depoliticization of the sport movement is seen as prerequisites for development of the credible non-governmental sport organization

Finally, discussed topics will have a long term impact in the field of sport, especially in terms of the autonomy, commercialization and the sustainability of the global sport movement.

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