Forum on Combating hate speech on the Internet

The Internet provides possibilities for each person to create, publish, distributes and consumes content and thus promotes participation. Especially the development of social media increased the level of youth participation in the web. Virtual world, just like the real world, is an area that is full of new opportunities, challenges and threats.



This forum is part of the activities under the campaign No Hate Speech Movement – Campaign for Human Rights in the off and online world. The Forum brought together about 250 participants from 40 countries are participating campaign that lasts over a period from 2012 to 2015.

The event was organized under the chairmanship of Azerbaijan Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, under the auspices of the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the country.

The event was opened by representatives of the Office of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan, Representative Council of Europe Office in Azerbaijan, NAYORA representative, a representative of the Directorate for democratic citizenship and participation.

At the end elected representative of the Joint Committee on Youth of the Council of Europe, addressed to the audience stating the importance of the involvement of co-management principles in implemented set up activities:

“The principle of co-management gets its real definition – we are here together, institutions, organizations, activists, researchers – proud on the achievements of our campaign, fighting for the same goal and with the same aspirations, investing same time and energy and making the common plans for tomorrow…This campaign is about human rights. They are the same in every space – in both real and virtual world and they should be respected everywhere on the same manner… the main goal of this Forum is to define what, how and with whom – helping all of you to do networking and share your best practice examples, at the same time exchanging ideas for future.”

In Montenegro, a campaign coordinated by Directorate of Youth and Sport (DYS)of the National Committee, which includes representatives of the various stakeholders.


Overall aim is to combat racism and discrimination on the Internet through the organized training for youth population and youth organizations

Methodology used in Montenegro is based on following:

  • Online campaign
  • Organizing activities within school system (high school and universities)
  • Support by offline events in schools: competitions and debates
  • Partners along with DYS submitted a project proposal for translating BOOKMARKS



Activities organized with support from the Students Sports Association of Montenegro (SSAM), were significant evidence of sport as being hook to attract youth population to stay firmly against any kind of discrimination. This activity followed up a Charter signed in January this year, showed a great possibility for cooperation through sport lowering all existing barriers and obstacles.


Without waiting for above mentioned activities to be fully implemented, SSAM along with support of the DYS and Montenegrin Olympic Committee submitted a project initiative to the International Olympic Committee/Olympic Solidarity program and FISU.


The key activities of the project initiative:

  • Organization of noncompetitive sporting activities aiming to promote female students participation in sport activities along with various lectures (youth participation, fight againts discrimination, empowerment, etc.)
  • Conducting Public Awareness Campaign


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