About me…

I’ve been an athlete all my life.  For over two decades, I was a professional tennis player- I played college tennis at 2005-6, a member of a Davis Cup team for Montenegro and a captain of the Montenegro University tennis team.  Simultaneously, I obtained degrees in Sports Management, Humanities- Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, and a Sports Academy Diplomas in Sports Management and Psychology.

Recently, I made a shift from being on a tennis court to working in an office on policies and strategies for sports development.  I am a consultant for the Montenegrin Olympic Committee on the sport policy and good governance, gender equality and women empowerment in sports, environment projects.  I advised Montenegrin Paralympic Committee on policy development for sports for all.  Currently involved  an advisor for international relations and high performance sport and Head of Public Procurement at the Directorate for Youth and Sports in Montenegro and the Bureau member in EPAS and Gender Equality Rapporteur within the Council of Europe(CV).

Even though my heart will always be on a tennis court, I am very excited and humbled with what I do right now in terms of sports development.  The intention for starting a blog is to begin talking about this work, sharing my ideas and problems in hope that it may lead to connection with colleagues, students, athlete and professionals working on sports development all over the world.

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